Anna's Story

My sister, Anna, was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type III hypermobility. This disease targets the connective tissue of the body. An EDS patient's connective tissue is often much weaker than the average human, therefore joints can easily pop out of place. My sister has had multiple surgeries to repair joints and tissues. During my sister's multiple recovery periods, she used the companionship of horses as a healing mechanism. Realizing the healing affect the horses have on Anna, my sister and I decided to purchase a four-month-old miniature horse, we later named AppleJack, to train for therapy use. Anna is currently training Jack to become a registered therapy horse so he can bring joy to others like he does us. We started AppleJack Therapy Foundation as a means of raising awareness of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome while bringing happiness and joy to others. Through AppleJack Therapy we hope to spread awareness of this rare disease so that one-day early detection and prevention can be possible.